Day 2: “For What Purpose?”

So the first week or so will be my experience fleshing out this idea I kind of just jumped into with little thought. Stick around and we will get around to the part where I start growing. I promise.

In the mean time, you may be wondering what the goal or purpose of “My 1335 Journey” is or maybe you aren’t.

Allow me to tell you, anyway. . .

My 1335 Journey is a 3 1/2 year journey to accepting the call God has placed on my life: to serve others. Over time the Lord has placed desires in my heart to work with college students and that is genuinely what I would love to do. My plan as of now is to pursue a degree in Higher Education, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Lord changed my path. He has a funny way of leading me away from things and then bringing me back to them.

Enough about that though. Here is a bullet-point list of the plan for this journey. (Because non-harmful bullets are helpful.)

  • To seek and grow in the Lord
  • To keep an accurate transcript of that experience
  • To encourage myself to write and learn and grow
  • To take time for personal growth and increased self-awareness
  • To invest in my walk with Christ
  • To document change, growth, and humorous moments
  • To focus my eyes on a long-term goal (something I LOVE) with a required short-term focus (something I dread)

This journey is genuinely to teach me to focus on the Lord and growing here and now. When I think about the next 1333 days I get a little overwhelmed with the idea of the journey. I cannot focus on the end result, but focus on having a result from today.

And that is the purpose of my journey.

So sit back and enjoy the terrible grammar (English writing minors are not perfect writers, and I prefer not to edit my thoughts.) and the humorous, sad, and God-filled moments of this journey.

2 Days down, 1333 more to go!



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