Day 4: Wishful Thinking Part II

A couple of times in my life I have heard those words. You know the ones. . .

I’m not going anywhere.

I’ve heard them several times in my life. People making promises to love me through seasons where I wasn’t my best. People promising to stick stuff out with me. People who swore they wouldn’t go anywhere no matter where life lead them. And if I have to be completely honest: Most people have broken that promise. I had enough. They had enough. I couldn’t change or, perhaps, they couldn’t change. I opened the door (You know, the door I mentioned in my last post) a few too many times. Sometimes time and distance lead us apart. Or death separated us.

Eventually almost everyone walks away. Ironically, my family is the one group of people that I have heard that promise from the least. They don’t look at me every day and promise that they aren’t going anywhere. I had never realized the value behind that until the idea hit me. They don’t make that promise

Because that promise was made a LONG time ago.

They don’t have to reassure me because I know. Scripture is filled with moments where the Lord promised to never leave us, but not once have I ever doubted he would leave me and nor do I have to look back at those scriptures to believe it is true. Because I know He will never leave me. I have my family. I have the Lord.

I struggle knowing that other people will never leave me and I struggle hearing those promises from other people because they are promises that other people break. Every single day. It is to the point that a friend saying those words only seems to condemn the relationship all together. Mention the fact that you are never leaving and one of us will make sure that you never get to keep that promise.

I’m tired of hearing the promise. I feel more secure in the friendships I have where we have never discussed an ending; the possibility of an end isn’t discussed until it is the end.

So how do I develop more relationships like that? Let’s figure this out.

Day 4 down. 1331 to go!



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