180: Chasing Him all the way

“I chased him all the way to Mississippi.”

“Really?! Why?”

“Because I knew he was the one.”

“But how did you know?”

“After a year he became my best friend and I knew I wanted him to stay that way forever.”

Yesterday I heard the story of a woman who’s been happily married for 6 years now. I’d have never guessed she spent four years chasing after the man I know as her husband. But she had. She’d spent three years saying “Hon, you are the one for me.” and him repeatedly turning her down. Then one day the tide changed, and now I know them as one of my favorite couples.

I love hearing people’s stories- riddled with rejection, acceptance, a loss of hope, redemption. I love people’s stories. It explains the fabric of who they are. You can learn so much from a person, but their story can teach you a million life lessons. I love swapping stories because I believe learning from where people have been can show you where to go. Their story become interwoven into the fabric of your story. Like embroidery it adds and alters the fabric.

I also love it when people take a moment to admit what they believe. To be willing to stand firm in their decisions despite what others tell them. It sounds crazy to say to someone, “You are who I’m going to marry.” especially when they repeatedly turn you down. It sounds crazy to voice that because what if you are wrong? Well, in my own life I’m learning I’d rather take the risk and believe in something and risk being wrong. To believe in things, in the future, to hope for something. I’d rather believe in something and pursue it and allow the Lord to tell me no then to sit and pretend not to care. I’d rather invest. Because investments grow us and challenge us and push us to strive for things that may not be logical or attainable.

When was the last time anyone looked at God’s work and said “This was completely logical.” or “That good old, predictable God.” Heck no. God cannot be put in a box that man invented. Man put perimeters around the Lord. What He views as possible is our most impossible thought. What we see as mountains He sees as speed bumps. The Lord is good.

There is a verse in the Bible that says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Now some debate that this makes Him a fairy godmother (or godfather, if you will.) here to grant every wish and whim. Other people debate that this means He will place His desires in our heart and then bring them to harvest. I like to think its a it of both. Now, yes, we do have man’s sinful nature (such a Christianese word.) and our heart will desire things that are not Christ-like, but I like to think that some desires we have could be bring our Heavenly Father joy. I think He will give us desires to pursue as He changes and shapes us and actually starts to lead us, but I also think that there are some desires already placed on our heart from birth that the Lord also wants to give to us. That couple? Well, they both serve in ministry. Together, they minister to others way better than they could alone. I think the Lord used her desire to bring Himself more delight.

So I’m daring to dream and desire and have things on my heart that I hope in. If those things don’t come to pass then I at least dared to dream, to trust God with my desires, and know that whatever the outcome is the Lord is more than good.


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