Day 244: Waiting for Hula Hoops while Momma’s Talkin’

Today was just an ordinary day filled with work tasks, classes, and a staff meeting. All of this taking place during the Monday Monsoon of the year.

I’d flown through all the things required of the day and didn’t stop to take a breath until just now. When I stopped to breath a story from today came back to my mind, and the Lord clearly started speaking.

At one point in my day a sweet little toddler was trying to get to a hula hoop that’s stored behind some curtains. He couldn’t reach it and he called for his mother’s help.

“Momma! Momma!” but Momma didn’t respond.

“MOmma! Momma!” Still no answer.

“MOMma! MOMma!”

try again.

“MOMMA! MOMMA!” Having failed to get his momma’s attention he threw his little hands into the air and said,

“Oh! Momma’s always talkin’! She can’t hear me a’cause she’s always talkin’!” He drew a quick, brave breath and tried again.

“Momma! I need your help to get this hula hoop! I can’t do it by myself.” His mother, having finished her conversation, turned to address him and get what he had asked.

The thought didn’t hit me until much later: Sometimes we are just like that little boy’s momma- we don’t always pay attention to the Lord. Sometimes He stands there calling our name over and over and over. Sometimes He shouts it and we do not turn to acknowledge Him. Sometimes the very conversation we are having with another person is about how little we hear the Lord calling us while He stands a few feet away and begs for our audience. Often times we don’t start listening until He presents His request to us full out. We want to know what He wants before we give Him our undivided attention.

More than once I’ve left the Lord standing there with His hands thrown up in the air saying, “She’s always talkin’! She can’t hear me a’cause she’s always talkin’!”

My hope is we call ourselves to break that habit. May we seek Him out and find the hula hoops He’s asking for. To hear the Lord as clearly as a toddler calls to his mother. And as frequently, too.


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