Day 250: Loving & Letting Go.

Most of my life I’ve spent letting people go, cutting people out, or clinging to them. I’ve struggled with a healthy medium and I’ve been given plenty of advice. It’s gotten a lot better over the last four years and the Lord has done a ton in my heart (and life) to heal the messes I’ve made and the boundaries I’ve allowed others to cross. The following paragraph is how I’d sum up how I feel about it all and what I’ve learned.

Loving other people is one of the hardest and most worthwhile experiences you’ll ever have the privilege to be a part. It doesn’t matter who they are or how long they stay, but it’s about loving them- REALLY loving them- for as long as they stand in front of you. The moment they leave, however, let. them. go. Because holding on ruins the love you’ve shared. It invalidates the words you’ve said, and the place they’ve held in your world. Love them to the fullest and let me go knowing you’ve given them all you can.


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