Day 696: Own Your Story

There is an unexplainable beauty when you sit down at a dinner table with someone and- over the course of a meal and a few extra minutes- you tell them your story. There is something powerful that happens when you begin to own your story. When you begin to accept who you were and who you are now and the journey of those two meeting.

Precious one, you were valuable to Christ then and you are valuable to Christ now. Yes, you are more than the broken parts of your story, but if you didn’t have the broken parts then how would the mended parts mean so much to you? How beautiful to get to a place in your life where you can unashamedly talk about who and what you were before Jesus stepped in and completed a transformation.

I am overwhelmed when I consider all the precious stories of life I have been told. All the people who trust me with bits and pieces of their story or large pieces of their life. How do I become worthy to hear and bear bits of their character and relationship with Christ?

From a very early age I started viewing life in this way: Imagine as if your life could be broken down in pieces like blocks on a quilt. Those blocks are parts and pieces of your story and character. Now imagine that the people you share your story with receive a block. Your block is sewn into the edges of their quilt. They share their story with you and you also receive a piece to add to your quilt. At the end of your life, the quilt is completed and all the stories you hear and the pieces of character you are given come together to make the most amazing quilt you’ve ever seen. The patches work in harmony to tell the story of heartache, loss, devastation, hope, joy, redemption. Every piece stitched together by God. The binding and seemed edges are full of Jesus’ sacrifice and tender mercies. You are left with a completed masterpiece that encompasses you to keep you safe and warm. This is your story and a million other people’s, too. Your patches are sewn into other people’s quilts.

Now, let us be wise in the way in which we share our story. Let us practice mindfulness at the gift and the burden of these quilt blocks. Let us consider how much of our story should be added lest we give away so much their quilt becomes our story. Let us practice respect in people’s quilts and the stages it takes on. Let us complement the colors of the blocks and realize we do not know the outcome of their finished quilt. Let us share with respect and wisdom. Let us own the season of present time. Let us give grace to the story of who we used to be. Let us be unafraid to hear someone else’s experience.

No matter who someone voted for, befriends, dates/marries, no matter their race, or who they will become. . . let us hear their story. Let us know them. Let us add them to our quilt so we may be more fully covered in grace, hope, redemption, and strength in all circumstances.


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